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I had only had a few facials prior to seeing Alina but after one I was converted into someone who went for one every month. I went upon recommendation of a friend because the Montreal winter was wrecking havoc on my skin. I was so impressed with the experience and the results. I'm so glad I decided to go to Alina. Although it's a bit of a trek out to Verdun from downtown Montreal is was so worth it. Alina is located in a small salon just down the street from the Metro station - its so unassuming you might even miss it. Her prices are so reasonable compared to some of the places in central Montreal. I guess that's one of the benefits of being located in Verdun as opposed to downtown. Alina is fantastic. She takes her time and she is very professional and knowledgable. I didn't know a lot about my skin type prior to visiting Alina but she does such a wonderful job of explaining ones skin type, the products she's using and the process she goes through for the facial. The products she uses are wonderful. After a couple of professional facials with Alina, I decided to purchase some of the products for home use. Alina suggested which products would be good for my skin but she in no way pressured me to purchase them (which is sometimes happen when you go for a facial). The products are so affordable for the quality and I swear by them now (although they are much harder to find now that I'm no longer in the Montreal area). I have now left Montreal and I have not been able to find someone who does facials that I am as happy with as I was with Alina. It's a shame because her facials were so good at such a reasonable price. I can't justify spending what some of the places charge now so I've decided to discontinue my monthly facials which is unfortunate because my skin is not nearly in the same great condition it was when I was going to Alina.

Megan S, Riverdale, Toronto, ON

A Verdun gem; Alina is professional, thorough, affordable, uses top quality eco-products and is no-nonsense. The only complaint I have is that she's quite busy and sometimes hard to book, but she's well worth the wait!

Elizabeth H.Montréal, QC

Alina is very creative and professional. I`ve been her client since she started her carrier at Premier Salon (The Bay, Downtown Montreal) since 2004. She has her personalized approach to make her clients look the best.

Victoria, Verdun

Je suis un homme de 41 ans soucieux de son apparence et de son entretien. Je me fais épiler avec Alina et je suis TRES satisfait car elle est soucieuse du travail bien fait, elle utilise de une cire de qualité, elle a une bonne technique et elle fait le travail très méticuleusement. J'ai fait plusieurs autres places et c'est LA meilleure!


I have been getting brazilian waxing for about 4 years now. I decided to try Alina due to the kind of wax and the technique she use. The waxing experience had been less painful than I used to have. The pass few months I had a great wax consultant. Alina from Alina Esth¨¦tique & Massoth¨¦rapie Studio has been doing my brazilian waxing. Out of the 4 years I have been getting them done, she has made me feel extremely comfortable. She was gentle, quick, very clean and before I knew it it was over. I don't care what anyone says waxing is an uncomfortable feeling especially with someone thats rough. I would definitley recommend using her for a great waxing experience. Amazing, very professional, clean, and fast. Absolutely recommend Alina!!!

Alexandra, Verdun

Alina me fait des spas pédicures ainsi que des facials. Ce que je préfére ce sont les massages. Je m'étais fait une entorse au dos et aprés trois massages, j'étais un homme neuf. Après un spa p§Ûdicure, je me sens les pieds et les jambes légers. Mon facial m'offre une peau propre et en santé. Aline est une grande professionnelle. Elle s'est écouter et te mettre en confiance. Ses manucures pour les mains sont rafraichissantes. Yvon, un grand merci a une dame qui vit pour son métier.

Yvon, Chateauguay

Literally just got back from seeing Alina, who is amazing by the way, she called me to remind me yesterday of my appointment! Alina was professional and has an amazing technique that took the pain in my back away. I have experienced numerous massages and must say I am convinced I do not have to try anyone else ever again. She takes her time and I have to say I would highly recommend her to anyone. All in all 5 stars all the way!

Toni, South Shore

Lorsque j'ai rencontré Alina, j'avais des problèmes avec l'acné. Elle m'a donc offert une gamme de soins ainsi qu'un bon traitement et j'ai vu la différence des la première fois. Elle a fait preuve d'un grand professionnalisme et a su satisfaire mes besoins. Alina vise la perfection pour sa clientèle et rien de moins. Aujourd'hui, j'ai une belle peau et j'en suis fière.

Hélène, Chateauguay

I am 26 years old and now, thanks to Alina, acne free! Last year when I arrived in Montreal I was under a lot of stress and went from having perfect skin to my face being covered in painful, cystic acne. When my skin broke out like this I became so depressed, did not want to leave the house, and had to go on a very strict, sugar-free diet. Until I met Alina, I was crying about my skin almost everyday. I originally went to Alina for a Brazilian wax. While I was there Alina informed me that she did facials and I should make an appointment. I knew this was 'a sign'! After my first facial I knew that Alina was extremely talented, really knew what she was doing, and most importantly--she was always extremely focused, payed close attention to detail and was VERY gentle. In the beginning I was going in for a facial every 2 weeks...after a few facials I was able to reduce that to just once a month.Whether I was getting a facial or calling to make an appointment, I always enjoyed my time spent with Alina and her ability to ease my worries and remind me that I was on my way to clear skin. Alina gave me hope!! Within a few months, my skin went from horrible, red, painful blemishes-- to smooth and even-colored skin tone. Sometimes I still get zits but with the use of my Sebo balance mask ( from Alina) and the other Dr. Renaud products, my skin stays acne free! Skin care and diet is very important too. With facials from Alina, the Dr. Renaud skin care products which I purchased from Alina, and healthy eating, I was able to feel like myself again. Alina helped me to feel beautiful and confident again! I was so sad this past month when I had to leave Montreal and Alina behind. If I was still living in Montreal, I would continue to see Alina 1x/ month and would probably do so for the rest of my life. She is not only a talented Esthetician, but a wonderful and compassionate person as well. She will make you feel comfortable and heal your skin at the same time. Thank you for everything Alina! My skin and I miss you very much!

Lauren, Vancouver

I would like to express a great sense of gratitude and satisfaction for the amazing facial treatment that Alina has provided to me today. It was my first visit and I was both impressed and pleasantly surprised to discover Alina's friendliness, expertise and attention to detail. She clearly loves what she's doing and it shows. Thank you Alina from the bottom of my face!

Alexis, Nuns' Island

I would recommend Alina to anyone searching for a professional and quality treatment at an affordable price. I had a brazilian wax done with her along with an eyebrow shaping and was very satisfied with the results. Furthermore, she is a really nice and warm person who makes you feel at home in her studio. She is polite and respects her clients immensely.


I moved to the area and looked online to find someone to fulfill my waxing needs. I saw all of the positive comments on here about her services and so decided to give her a try. I can not emphasize how excellent she is - in quality of service, professionalism, and charisma. I would recommend her services to anyone - I just hope she doesn't get too booked for when I need to return again!!!

Stephanie, Verdun

I thoroughly enjoyed the professional massage therapy from Alina. She is very polite and respectful towards her clients. She helped me with my stress-related pain. I definitely recommend her massage therapy services.


A very good place to have your facials done with patience and attention. Alina had took good care of me with each of her great services. She amazes me with her potential skills as also the quality of the products that she uses when she does my facials. I'd leave the salon in a good mood with a beautiful, soft and glowing face. It is also the best place for a Brazilian wax! Alina is a very meticulous worker every time it comes to waxing the body :) ! I love coming to her to have my waxing because it is done with delicateness and perfection !

Jacqueline, Verdun

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